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Beijing and Hebei cooperate to build "New Etown" in Yongqing

Source: China Daily

  Langfang, the Beijing Economic and Development Area, and Daxing district have committed to building Beijing E-Town,Yongqing High-Tech Zone. Seven projects, such as the Huimai Online Industrial Base, are under construction. The High-Tech Zone has planned to build an upgraded "E-Town" in ten years.

  Beijing E-Town,Yongqing High-Tech Zone is a provincial high-tech zone; its leaders will be from Beijing and Hebei province. The High-Tech Zone aims to be a "New E-Town Industrial Base, New Engine in Langfang", and focuses on Internet plus intelligent manufacturing and e-commerce.

  The seven projects will include e-commerce, biomedicine, new industry, social services, and innovative platforms. They will draw 10 billion yuan to Beijing industries and create about 150 thousand positions in the High-Tech zone.