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Cultural Daxing 

Source: Beijing Daxing International

  Daxing was established as a county in the Qin Dynasty and got its name in the Jin Kingdom. It has been an important town adjacent to the Capital for more than 800 years. It was historically called"No. 1 County in the world".

  Located at the axis of the imperial city as southern gate,Daxing has rich cultural content and inherited a long history of civilization.

  Tuanhe Temporary Dwelling Palace

  Tuanhe Temporary Dwelling Palace,located to the east of the Beijing-Kaifeng Expressway,is the most spectacular and luxurious Temporary Dwelling Palace among the four temporary dwelling palaces. It is also the only temporary dwelling palace architecture and relics of many imperial palaces in Qing Dynasty except the temporary dwelling palace in Chengde. Tuanhe Temporary dwelling palace,covering an area of 400 Chinese acres,consists of 603 various houses and chambers as well as the pavilion of imperial inscriptions,Cuirun Pavilion and West Lake and 150 years old pines and cypresses.

  China Culture Theme Park

  China Culture Theme Park is a theme park built to carry forward Chinese long history and civilization. In the park one can see lakes reflecting sunlight,green trees,hills and gloriettes. There is a 2000-metre long China Culture Wall. On one side it shows pictures of Chinese history,on the other side there are 999 Chinese Character"霜"written by famous historians and calligraphists. The splendid palace,the new style garden sculpture and the annual temple fair are symbols of Chinese traditional culture.

  A four-level cultural network has been formed in Daxing District. The spiritual life of the public is sufficiently nourished. Traditional and modern cultures complement each other and improve the overall level of cultural and ethical progress.

  People in the modern city not only like the flourishing and modern civilization of city,but also look forward to the peacefulness in the countryside. Equally,people in the countryside not only love their home,but also appreciate the high-tech and fashion of cities. Therefore,this trends which have grown by ages have made the city and town connected together. The convenient transportation network and graceful living conditions have met the need of people both in city and town. "Living outside crowd,reaching Beijing in several minutes"is the real picture of Daxing nowadays.

  Growing up

  Educational resources in Daxing are plentiful. Many famous colleges such as China People's Public Security University,School of Software and Microelectronics of Beijing University,Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication are located in Daxing. Daxing No. 1 middle school which is a key  middle school in Beijingand other city-grade branch school offer high-level basic education. More than 200 kinds of training schools brought up numerous outstanding people to the public and society. Leisure facilities,stadiums and convenient three-grade healthy service systems situated all over Daxing New City can help local people enjoy the real life.


  The development of Culture needs accumulationthe history and civilization need to be inherited. There are many specific museums in Daxing-China Printing Museum,China Watermelon Museum and so on. These museums are places to show the age-old Chinese aureate civilization. China Printing Museum is the biggest specific museum on printing in the world. The exhibitions help people to learn about the procedure of the invention of printing and the development of printing industry in China.