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Creative Daxing

Source: Beijing Daxing International

  Daxing has a convenient transportation network which extends in all directions. According to the forward looking economy developing strategy of "developing modern manufacturing industry,high technology industry and modern service industry in Beijing",the leading priority industries in Daxing in future are Bio-engineering&Pharmaceutical industry,Business&Physical Distribution industry and Cultural&Creation industry,and the developing real estate and building industry,food manufacture and agricultural products processing industry,fine chemical industry will serve as the important supporting industries. Along with the development and the consummation of Beijing Bioengineering&Pharmaceutical Industrial Park,Beijing Daxing Industry Development Area and Beijing Caiyu Industrial Park,and the establishment of development plan of New Media Industry Base and Beijing Daxing Transportation Hinge Center as well,Daxing is constructing the promotion platform for theNew Economy in Beijing.

  New industries,like TV programproduction,biopharmaceutics,creative research and development are coming into shape. Daxing is turning into a crucial center to accommodate creativity industry and exhibit achievements.

  International Enterprises with Famous Brand

  Daxing district strengthens the construction of hard and soft environment to provide an excellent service platform for the development of enterprises. At present,more than 3000 enterprises have entered Daxing,including over 300 multi-national enterprises. Many famous domestic and foreign brands including Mercedes-Benz,Cadbury Foods,Pepsi and Unilever have entered Daxing.

  Domestic Enterprises with Famous Brand

  Daxing District strengthens the leading role of industry. Many famous products such as Xingpai Billiard,Tongyi Petroleum Chemical,Beijing Shunxing Wine are known to China and have made their way into the international market.