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Ecofriendly Daxing

Source: Beijing Daxing International

  Enjoying the reputation of"green sea of sweet fruits",Daxing boasts abundant agricultural resources. It has twelve forests of over 667 thousand square meters,among which,it has two forests of over 6,670 thousand square meters,and fruit plantation area of over 200 million square meters. The boundless green sea of fruits makes Daxing an eco-destination.

  Daxing District has the biggest plain of Beijing city. There are several woodlands above ten thousand Chinese mu and twelve over several thousand Chinese mu. Around the new towns in the courtyards,there is an expansive field and greenbelt. Yongding River,the mother river of Beijing,runs 120 Chinese li in Daxing. Daxing is far away from the city's noise and covered with verdant trees.

  Daxing has an original secondary forest of ten thousand Chinese mu,a Pear Park of thousands of Chinese mu and ancient mulberry park of thousands of Chinese mu. Additionally,Daxing is to build the beautiful environment galaxy of Beijing.

  Secondary Forest

  The secondary forest in Anding Town is nearly ten thousand Chinese mu.

  All kinds of trees are growing vigorously. The forest is protected perfectly.

  The forest isn't destroyed at all and has been protected for hundreds of years.

  Among the forest,you will find the deep original feeling and seem to be in dream.

  The forest has a great charm which attracts us with a feeling of mystery in history.

  It is a big attraction to all of us.

  Ancient Mulberry Forest Park

  Daxing ancient mulberry forest park is located in Anding town of Daxing District.

  The park of thousands of Chinese mu is the biggest one in North China and the only one in Beijing.

  The park,as the only one in China,has over 1000 mulberry trees of over 100 years.

  In winter,after leaves fall,the mulberry branches are natural and look very nice.

  The diameter of the ancient mulberry tree trunk which is called"king of mulberry trees"is nearly one meter. And its crown diameter is about l3 meters.