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Unique Geological Advantage

Source: Beijing Daxing International

  Daxing is the south gate of Beijing with a straight distance less than 10 km to Tian'anmen.  The fifth and sixth ring roads run through Daxing from east to west and the prolongation of the city's South Axial Road from north to south.  The Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, Beijing-Kaifeng Expressway and the No. 104 national road cross the district.  There are 5 stations in Daxing along Beijing-shanhaiguan railway and Beijing-Jiulong railway.  The project of the extension of No.  4 Subway will becompleted by the end of 2010.  The Nanyuan Airport also lies in the north of Daxing.

  Daxing New City covers 67. 33 square kilometers of planned area, with 161. 55 square kilometers of overall planned land under control and a population limit of 600,000 residents.  With the rapid development of the city construction, the city grows bigger in scale and has a larger population. 

  What's more, the city infrastructure becomes more compete and perfect.  The New City, the political, economic and cultural center of  Daxing District, will be built up as a new developing district of modernized international metropolis Beijing.